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“Connoisseur of Tech”

Considering how often a single Operative finds himself faced with terrible odds (more often than not, any sort of target is protected by any combination of friends, employed security, or electronic security), it’s not surprising how many speĀ­cialize in high-tech gear and weapons. The Specialist excels at presenting himself as a one-person battle force, at least for a short time. Using both the latest tech and his own personally-modified gear, an Operative with this specialization can be hard to stop. Specialist talents lean heavily towards gear use, taking down targets, and adapting to tough situations.

Specialist Operatives are in many ways the ultimate hybrid of tech expert and combatĀ­ant; for smaller groups, this may be a perfect choice. Specialists-especially those that are operating as independents-have little trouble signing on for nearly any job. After all, the credits they need for that next nifty piece of tech have to come from somewhere.

Specialization Skills
Coercion, Computers, Mechanics, Ranged (Light)

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