A portrait of a raloi tribesman not wearing an environmental suit.

Basic Characteristics

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Biotics
2 2 2 3 2 1 0
Wound Threshold Strain Threshold
9 + Brawn 10 + Willpower

Starting Skill: 1 Rank in choice of ?, or ?, or ?
Starting Talent: 1 of ?, or ?
Starting XP Budget: 100 XP



The raloi are an avian species originating on the planet Turvess, who made contact with the asari in 2184 after launching their first space telescope and discovering the asari cruiser Azedes in their system.

Raloi are avian in appearance. Due to an outbreak of an alien flu virus among the raloi during the 2185 ceremonies held by the Council on their planet to welcome them to the galactic community, the raloi have taken to wearing environmental suits while in contact with other alien species. It is unknown how long it will take for their bodies to adapt to life among Citadel races without exosuits, though Citadel and raloi scientists are already making progress toward an immunobooster intended to speed the adaptation.

The raloi are noted to be completely unfamiliar with galactic culture and customs, the properties of interstellar travel, mass effect physics, and more. Willing to slowly integrate with galactic society, they recently received their delegation back from a 3-month stay on the Citadel, where they were informed of the current state of the galaxy. It is likely they will finish finalization of plans to establish an embassy on the Citadel within the next few months, and begin their integration into galactic culture, barring any unforeseen issues.

A large race, the height of their males is an average of 7’, though they don’t weigh nearly as much as most other races at that height due to their bird-like bone structure, generally averaging 200 lbs. Regardless, the raloi can be rather burly despite their light weight, many of their warriors displaying incredible strength due to their physical combat style; when angered or in combat the raloi also tend to puff out their feathers to appear even larger. Raloi are capable of flight, though it would be considered more of a “glide” than true flight, and this is only possible while they are not wearing their exosuits or heavier equipment. Their homes on Turvess are always above ground, and their tendency toward gliding between their structures makes traversing these airborne cities difficult for other earth-bound races. They tend to favor spear-like weapons due to the vertical nature of their predation, though they have displayed no true difficulty in adapting to the use of firearms since being introduced to them by the Citadel races.

Culturally, they are similar to both tengu and the chozo from the Metroid series, though they are a younger and shorter-lived race than the chozo, living approximately 10% longer than most humans. They are a culture divided between war and peace; their youths actively engage in the defense of their colonies, yet their elders seek out knowledge first. There seems to be a point of understanding in a young raloi’s life where he is considered to be no longer young: such raloi willingly put aside martial pursuits to hone their minds instead, applying their formidable knowledge and wisdom in positions of honor in the cultural centres of their people, directing policy and culture instead of warbands. It could be said that the young raloi aspire to this eventual retirement, even.

Still, they are noted to be similar to the tengu because their young are wily and clever, and they are cunning ambush predators. Raloi enjoy games of the mind and body, and although they are agile, they are not durable, similar in this manner to the salarians. Likewise, they often seem to enjoy pursuits of mechanical creation, seeking to apply their creative intellect to the improvement of most anything; the pursuit of effortless flight among their more consistent cultural obsessions. Their quick minds are a noted strength throughout their lives, and they often speak with insight, whether young or old.

Further information (there is almost no common knowledge about raloi, but humans have cultural legends about “tengu” which the raloi seem similar to, both in mannerisms and appearance. Regardless, while it is unexpected for non-raloi PCs to know anything of substance about the avian race, a PC can determine their knowledge of raloi with an “Average” Space: Citadel Knowledge skill check or a “Hard” Xenology Knowledge check; or, for those familiar with human legends, a “Hard” Lore Knowledge check may also be used to make insightful parallels between a raloi and tengu, though a raloi may take offense to such a comparison)


A raloi in his exosuit, intended to protect them from pathogens most Citadel races have adapted to already.


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