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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Ruleset

For this campaign, the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games will be the ruleset of choice. SW: EotE provides a streamlined resolution mechanic using custom dice that provides the opportunity for varying levels of success and failure, or both, in any roll of the dice.

This section will gather all modifications to existing material and custom additions that have been added to facilitate playing in the Mass Effect Universe, as well as serve as an easy reference point for in-universe topics (though some links lead to external sites – namely the Mass Effect wiki).

In case there was any concern, the contents of this wiki override anything said elsewhere, at least in the case of this particular group; mostly regarding some in-universe roll-backs on lore due to executive meddling in the videogames after Mass Effect 1 (like the appearance of the quarians).

Overview of Changes from EotE
Player Resources
Character Creation Process Breakdown
Converting Dice Force Dice
Quick Reference Document
The State of the Galaxy – “What’s Different?”
Galaxy Map Specific Galactic Locations

PC Information
(the PCs’ Merc Band Name)
People & Groups Places & Things Information
Allies Objects Missions
Contacts Vessels Leads
Patrons Locations Agreements
Playable Races
Council/Citadel Races Asari Drell Human Salarian Turian
Outsider Races Batarian Krogan Quarian
Special Consideration
Elcor Geth Hanar Prothean
Raloi Unshackled AI Volus Vorcha
House-Rule Resources and Reference
Personnel Careers and Specializations Skills Talents
Matériel Equipment and Gear Spacecraft

Major Galactic Organizations
Corporate Aldrin Labs Ama-Lur Equipment Ariake Technologies Armali Council Armax Arsenal Batarian State Arms Cerberus Skunkworks
Devlon Industries Elanus Risk Control Services Elkoss Combine Geth Armory Hahne-Kedar/Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works Haliat Armory Jormangund Technology
Kassa Fabrication Rahael Group and Beckmann Financial Rosenkov Materials Serrice Council Sirta Foundation Tyriel Advanced Communications Corporation
Criminal/Mercenary Blood Pack (Krogan, Vorcha) Blue Suns (Batarian, Human, Turian) CAT6 (Human) Eclipse (Asari, Human, Salarian)
Military Asari Batarian Citadel Military Hanar/Drell Human
Krogan Quarian Salarian Turian
Political/Governmental Hegemony (Batarian) Hierarchy (Turian) Illuminated Primacy (Hanar) Migrant Fleet (Quarian) Republics (Asari) Systems Alliance (Human) Union (Salarian)
Unclear Motive Cerberus Collectors The Shadow Broker Council Spectres
Universally Hostile Reapers Non-sentient Aliens

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