Krogan Clans

Krogan clans are both military organizations and not, but for our purposes they will be treated as such. This distinction is based on the fact that a clan can’t “mobilize” and battle off-planet foes like, say, the Systems Alliance could (due to being demilitarized by the Citadel Council and forbidden from building warships), but are still considered military within their territory. Knowledge of or alliances with the clans will be necessary if PCs wish to deal with krogan on their planets or are krogan themselves; keep in mind that being friendly with one tribe of krogan will invariably upset an opposing tribe (unless the PC is a female krogan from a female tribe).

Krogan PCs who are a part of a clan would need to take their clan’s name in front of their own when identifying themselves; an example is Urdnot Wrex, known as Wrex.

Clan Names Noteworthy detail (Easy Space: Citadel knowledge skill check results)
Drau Drau Sorze is a “ruzad”, or “judge”, in the Republic of Ghurst on Tuchanka
Forsan this clan’s leader declared being hit by pyjak dung is grounds for executing the trader responsible for introducing them to Tuchanka
Ganar Ganar Wrang, an exiled krogan battlemaster, founded the Blood Pack mercenary group
Gatatog led by Gatatog Uvenk on Tuchanka
Hailot clan leader Hailot Wrund currently controls the planet Garvug
Jorgal a clan known to have one of the longest krogan breeding lines
Jurdon an enemy of Clan Urdnot on Tuchanka
Khel Khel Burrum is a noteworthy competitor at Pinnacle Station
Nakmor a small clan located in the Kraddack Wastes of Tuchanka; Warlord Nakmor Krall is a clan member
Quash Quash Hurgott is a Blood Pack commander
Raik source of the word “Aralakh”, meaning “Eye of Wrath”, which became the common name used by the galaxy to refer to Tuchanka’s star
Ravanor the clan runs a mining operation on Tuchanka; Warlord Ravanor Tusk is a clan member
Talyth a clan who projected to rebuild a dreadnought on the planet of Tuchanka
Thax the clan of krogan businessman Thax Vorak
Urdnot one of the largest clans on Tuchanka; their rite of passage involves battling waves of native Tuchanka fauna
Weyrloc strong ties to the Blood Pack and enemy of Clan Urdnot on Tuchanka

PCs can determine their knowledge of the Krogan Clans with a “Hard” Space: Citadel or Xenology Knowledge skill check.

Krogan Clans

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