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“Instrument of Adjustment”

Whereas most Operatives focus primarily on the completion of the mission, those who specialize as Infiltrators are generally tasked with the straightforward proposi­tion of termination of targets. Infiltrators tend to prefer getting in quietly, tak­ing out targets (either up close or sniping from afar), and leaving just as silently as they entered. Their tal­ents are very appropriate for this kind of work.

Many Infiltrators take their work very seri­ously. Some even adhere to specific codes and practices directing their conduct, striving for such varied principles as avoiding all needless bloodshed or honoring their contracts to the letter… after all, an unprofessional killer doesn’t get paid top dollar. Some treat their methods with reverence or religious significance, even creating rituals and surrounding the act with mystique. Others simply see themselves as cold killers, and are just as fine with it.

Specialization Skills
Coordination, Melee, Skulduggery, Stealth

Operative_Infiltrator_Tree.jpg * A Talent Box with a “/” allows a choice.

Talent Descriptions

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