“Organics do not choose to fear us. It is a function of your hardware.” – Legion, geth infiltrator

To Note: Geth are a normally non-player race; their race is incredibly complex in personality and motivation, and will mainly only be interacted with (if at all) as enemies.

As per information available in Mass Effect’s wiki and in-game codecs, capturing and convincing a geth platform to cooperate with the PC party will prove almost impossible, and foolhardy. At best, the PCs will receive a non-functioning platform. At worst, it will activate and attempt to kill all organics.


“We do not comprehend the organic fascination of self-poisoning, auditory damage and sexually transmitted disease.”

Geth share the same stats as “Droids” from the Edge of the Empire book, and can be created using that resource.

The geth are reclusive and secretive. This is partly due to their synthetic nature: They have no need to interact with other races because they do not share the same goals, needs or instincts as organic species. As machines, comfort is also not a concern for them, something that is reflected in elements of geth ship and station design.

The only geth who have interacted significantly with organics are a sect that the main collective body refers to amongst themselves as the “heretics”. They are a small, radical group of geth who are purported to worship a hyper-advanced but long-vanished machine race, whom they see as the pinnacle of non-organic evolution. It is these geth who pass through the Perseus Veil and who attacked Eden Prime and the Citadel. This group is estimated to consist of about five percent of the total beth population, and though the attack on the Citadel was unsuccessful, the heretic splinter group remains active within the Terminus Systems and other parts of the galaxy, pursuing the instructions of their mysterious machine gods.

Unknown to all non-geth races is the fact that the mainstream geth population are content to stay separate from the remainder of Citadel space to “build their own future”; the consensus they hold is that all sentient creatures should have the ability to “self-determinate”, and so strictly adhere to a policy of non-interventionism in respect to the affairs and development of other races; they reject the path proposed by the ancient machines whom the heretics follow: in their perspective, self-determination isn’t achieved through blind fanaticism. While the main geth consensus have made attempts to observe and understand organics, they primarily seek the peaceful advancement of their own race independent of the influence of the rest of galactic society and believe every sentient species should be able to do the same, an attitude which shows that the geth are significantly less hostile than the galactic community initially believed (an idea which they have failed to communicate with any of the organic races of galactic society, unfortunately). Perhaps that attitude will change with the rise of the heretics’ gods.

Further information (basic general information about geth up until the start of Mass Effect 2 is considered known by PCs (even misinformation, such as that about the so-called “dragon’s teeth”), but other information will require a Space: Terminus Knowledge skill check)


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