“Salvation comes with a cost. Judge us not by our methods, but by what we seek to accomplish.”

Cerberus is a xenophobic human-survivalist paramilitary group led by the enigmatic Illusive Man. Cerberus’ core belief is that humans deserve a greater role in the galactic community, and that the Systems Alliance is too hamstrung by law and public opinion to stand up effectively to the other Citadel races. Cerberus supports the principle that any methods of advancing humanity’s ascension are entirely justified, including illegal or dangerous experimentation, terrorist activities, sabotage and assassination. Cerberus operatives accept that these methods are brutal, but believe history will vindicate them. Nevertheless, both the Systems Alliance and the Citadel Council have declared Cerberus to be a terrorist organization and will prosecute identified Cerberus agents accordingly.

Further information (PCs can determine their knowledge of Cerberus with a “Hard” Space: Alliance Knowledge skill check, a “Daunting” Underworld Knowledge skill check, or a “Formidable” Lore Knowledge skill check)

(Cerberus is extremely secretive, and will monitor any decent attempts to uncover their secrets, either feeding the seeker misinformation or attempting to kill those who make noteable progress, unless the subject’s tenacity can be utilized for their own gain. It is unlikely PCs know anything about this organization, and cooperation with them is extremely unlikely with non-humans in the party (as their actions are almost exclusively taken against non-human species/races). Cerberus often kills those it works with when their usefulness to them has ended, and rarely commits much help to those who aren’t established and trusted members. Caution is advised)


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