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“Without Firing a Shot”

The Biotic Career has two Specializations, the Adept and Vanguard. Adepts are highly-prized and often trained by military or paramilitary organizations to use biotic abilities for offense, defense, or control of the battlefield. The Adept Specialization is Universal and can be taken at normal cost by any career so long as the character has a Biotic Rating of at least 1.

The Adept Specialization does NOT provide the character with the biotic implant required for most species to adequately use biotic powers. If you did not take the Biotic Career at character creation, you must pay to have a cybernetic biotic implant installed, as mentioned above.

To use a Biotic Talent to attack, gather a dice pool made of your Willpower and your Biotic Rating, with a difficulty based on Range band, + difference in Silhouette, and any other modifiers as the GM defines.

Biotic Talents which control a target (Lift, Singularity, Stasis, Pull, and Slam, for example) cost 1 additional Strain per Armor Bonus to Soak and per Defense bonus from kinetic shields or barriers, and per Silhouette value. Thus, large, and/or well armored and/or shielded targets are very difficult to affect with these powers without draining an Adept’s energy reserves very quickly. Using abilities to reduce a target’s Defense and Armor Bonus to Soak beforehand can be invaluable. Targets who would cost more Strain than you can spend to affect remain unaffected.

  • Base damage for Biotic Talents is Willpower + Biotic Rating.
  • By default, Biotic Talents may only be used at Short or Engaged Ranges.
  • Most Biotic Talents with a duration last rounds equal to Willpower.
  • Most active Biotic Attack Powers cost 1 or more Strain to use.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Biotic powers require 5 Advantage to trigger a Critical Injury.
  • Effective Biotic Rating is limited (or increased) by the quality of the biotic implant and biotic amp the character has installed.
    • Superior amps can make up for limitations imposed by inferior implants, but only to a finite degree. Superior amps or implants may even increase a character’s effective Biotic Rating: for example, a character of Biotic Rating 3 may be artificially constrained to an effective Biotic Rating of 1 or 2, or empowered to a higher value, depending on implant or amp quality.
    • Implants and amps can cause additional negative effects to their wearer, such as the L2 implants’ tendency to cause migraines in their wearers.
    • More information can be found in the biotic implant page.
Specialization Skills
Cool, Coordination, Discipline, Ranged (Light)

* Biotic Blast, Dedicated, Biotic Recovery/Biotic Boost, and Biotic Range may, at the time of talent acquisition, be replaced by the Biotic Power Talent, which increases the Adept’s Biotic Rating by 1, to a max of 6.

Talent Descriptions
An Adept may generate a kinetic shield around themselves without the need for eezo-powered armor. Barrier is the simplest and most instinctual of Biotic Talents and can be maintained with minimal effort. So long as an Adept is conscious, they gain + 1 Defense for every rank of Barrier they possess. So long as an Adept gains at least + 1 Defense from Barrier, they also gain + 1 Soak value. Should attacks cause Defense from Barrier to fail, an Adept may renew it on their turn at the cost of 2 Strain per rank of Barrier they seek to restore.

If an Adept with Barrier is wearing armor with built-in kinetic shielding, take the higher value of the two Defenses, and increase the character’s Soak by + 1. Never add armor-provided Defense from kinetic shields directly to Barrier Value.
For 1 Strain, the Adept causes a pulse of anti-gravity to affect a target, lifting the target up to 10’ off whatever surface they are on for 1 round, but doing no direct damage. If the target does not have thrusters or other means of flight, they are considered immobilized, and suffer the penalties of being in Zero-G. Attacks with the Knockback ability move a lifted target double the normal distance. When Lift ends, the target falls, suffering appropriate falling damage.
Biotic Blast
For 1 Strain, you may apply the Blast quality to Lift, Throw, Pull, and Slam. Blast damage for Biotic Talents is equal to Willpower + Biotic Rating. For 2 Strain you may improve the Blast damage rating of Charge, Singularity, and Shockwave, adding Cunning to the base Blast damage.
For 3 Strain, you create a Blast effect and generate a spinning gravitic anomaly which pulls Engaged targets into its field of effect. Targets suffer the effects of Lift, but do not suffer the Knockback vulnerability due to the continuing gravitic pull. Singularity lasts a number of rounds equal to your Biotic Rating, doing base Blast damage each round after the first to all targets affected.
Warp Shot
The Adept creates micro-gravitic fields as a Maneuver to enhance their next weapon attack (or that of an Engaged ally) to have greater effect against most targets. Warp Shot increases the base damage of the attack by + 1. In addition, the attacker may spend 3 Advantage to reduce a target’s Defense from kinetic shields or barriers by 1, or may spend 2 Advantage to reduce the target’s Soak value from armor by 1.
For 1 Strain, the Adept envelops the target in coruscating mini-gravity fields, causing gravity shear and molecular disruption. While Warp does initial damage like any Biotic Talent, it also renders the target less capable of resisting damage as it’s armor and body suffer ever shifting stresses. Warp lasts a number of rounds equal to your Willpower. While under the effect of Warp, the target suffers bonus damage from all attacks equal to your Biotic Rating.
Biotic Recovery
As an Action once per encounter, you may roll up to a number of Biotic dice equal to your Biotic Rating. White results restore Strain in equal measure. Black results are ignored.
Biotic Boost
As an Action once per encounter, you may roll up to a number of Biotic dice equal to your Biotic Rating. White results restore Strain in equal measure. Black results cost Strain in equal measure, but grant 1 Boost die each which can be distributed over your Biotic Talent uses throughout the encounter as you see fit.
For 1 Strain + 1 Strain per Silhouette of the target, the Adept may temporarily encapsulate a target in a straight-jacket of gravity fields. On a success, the target suffers a Setback die to all Actions and loses their free Maneuver for a number of rounds equal to your Willpower. You may spend 3 Advantage to immobilize the target for the duration. With a Triumph, the target is Staggered for the duration.
Biotic Range
For 1 Strain or a Maneuver, the Adept can increase the Range from which they may use their next Biotic Power by 1 Range band, to a maximum of Long Range.
Float / Leap
The Adept may lighten themselves, enabling them to make prodigious leaps. For 1 Strain, the Adept may cover any traverse of Short Range as a single jump, including “falling” in a controlled manner, suffering no damage from landing. Alternately, for 2 Strain, the Adept may cause themselves to hover or fly for a number of rounds equal to their Willpower. While using Float, the Adept may only use their Action for Maneuvers, and cannot use any other Biotic Attacks due to the concentration required.
Barrier Field
For 1 Strain for each Silhouette 1 target they wish to encompass, the Adept can create an Engaged-Range defensive hemisphere that can keep out Silhouette 0 hazards, and requires larger targets to spend a Maneuver to push through the field’s edge in addition to any other movement needed. All entities within the hemisphere gain an additional +1 Defense to all attacks that originate from outside the field. The field is centered on and always moves with the Adept generating it. The field lasts a number of rounds equal to your Biotic Rating, but can be extended by rounds equal to your Willpower for the cost of 1 Strain for each extension of duration.
Biotic Power
Increase your Biotic Rating by 1 permanently, to a maximum of 6.
For 1 Strain, you launch a projectile of gravitic force at a target. In gravity, targets are knocked down on a success, but 2 Advantage may be spent to knock the target a Maneuver’s worth away from you (maximum distance of 2 Range bands). Targets in zero-G or with reduced mass are automatically knocked back a Maneuver’s worth from you, and 2 Advantage may be spent to either knock the target farther away (maximum distance of 3 Range bands) or trigger a Critical Injury.
For 1 Strain, the target suffers no damage, but is pulled toward you as if a Maneuver was spent moving toward you. For every 3 Advantage spent, the target may be pulled one additional Maneuver’s worth closer to you. At the end of the pull, the target suffers any disadvantageous terrain it now finds itself in.
Similar to Lift, except that instead of leaving enemies floating for a duration, the Adept slams the target back to the ground like a hammerblow. Slam costs 2 Strain to initiate, lifting the target briefly, then forcing it to immediately suffer a Short-Range fall. For every 3 Advantage spent, you may trigger a Critical Injury with your Biotic Rating as a bonus to the Critical roll. Any target of Slam is left prone.
For 3 Strain you send out a pulsing line of gravitic blasts between you and your designated target. You may make a single Biotic Attack roll against 1 target in each Range band between you and your designated target. On any of the attacks you may spend 3 advantage to give the impact the Blast quality, or to give the impact the Knockdown quality. Each attack after the first gains a Setback die as the shockwave’s force is spent. For each Range band between you and the target in which you don’t make an attack, the Shockwave gains a Boost die as the wave gathers momentum.

Teleport < For 1 Soak from Barriers and 3 Strain as a Maneuver, can move elsewhere within the Short Range band instantaneously, even passing through walls (provided there is enough space to do so). For the loss of all Barriers and 5 Strain as an Action, can teleport to anywhere within the Medium Range band.

Warp Field (Annihilation Field), Dark Channel, Biotic Sphere

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