Step 2

Step 2: Determine Obligation

Randomly roll your character’s obligation, or choose an appropriate obligation (with GM approval) from the table. PCs start with 10 Obligation.

D% Obligation Type
01-08 Addiction
09-16 Betrayal
17-24 Blackmail
25-32 Bounty
33-40 Criminal
41-48 Debt
49-56 Dutybound
57-64 Family
65-72 Favor
73-80 Oath
81-88 Obsession
89-96 Responsibility
97-00 Roll twice on this chart *

* The character’s starting Obligation rating is split evenly between the two different types.

Optionally increase personal starting Obligation for increased starting XP or Credits *.

Bonus Type Default Bonus for +5 Obligation Bonus for +10 Obligation
XP for Character generation Species Default +5 XP +10 XP
Credits for Starting Gear 1000 credits +1000 credits +2500 credits

* You may only choose each type of bonus (XP or Credit) once.

About Obligation’s Role in Mass Effect: Stardust
Obligation is an easy mechanic to determine how the galaxy at large views the PCs.

One could consider a high Obligation to be equivalent to a “Renegade” alignment, and a low Obligation to be a “Paragon” alignment in Mass Effect. PCs are judged individually by NPCs according to their actions, but on a larger scale, their organization is judged by the average of their Obligation scores. This means that while some PCs may strive for a low Obligation, others in the party may drive up the score.

NPCs who are looking for help will occasionally look at Obligation to determine whether they want the PCs’ help or not: a politician trying to protect his public image may only hire the PCs if their Obligation is below 40, while a renowned crime boss may only hire them while their Obligation is above 70. This metric will be important to keep in mind in most areas of the galaxy, as certain factions don’t want to deal with Paragons, and vice versa.

Once you have determined your character’s Obligation, proceed to Step 3: Species.

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Step 2

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