Step 1

Step 1: Determine Concept and Background

For Mass Effect: Stardust, characters can be of any major race, or players can approach the GM with ideas about other options.

Within that scope, characters can have any background they can imagine which extends naturally from the established cultural base of the race chosen, keeping in mind that their concept must include whatever would get them to take to a life working with and for a wide variety of creatures in a wide range of capacities. Some races are more likely than others to leave their planets of origins, and players are encouraged to consider their place in the larger galactic picture.

In terms of background, players will decide as a group what the overall direction of the crew is; it is assumed they work together in a small freelance mercenary company, but they could be part of a larger mercenary group, freelance stellar scouts, smugglers, or other fringers of one stripe or another.

Picking one “group direction” does not preclude activities and adventures of other kinds, but rather how the characters perceive themselves and present themselves to the galaxy at large at the beginning of the game. Their actions and mounting or diminishing Obligations will determine how the galaxy chooses to view them as the game progresses, though. More on Obligation will be discussed in the next step.

If you are having a hard time determining background, it can sometimes be helpful jumping to step 2 and step 8 to determine Obligation and Motivation, which help provide ideas.

Once you have determined your background and concept, proceed to Step 2: Obligation.

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Step 1

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