Special Consideration Races

These races are either uncommon or unlikely to work with civilized Council races, and will require some form of informed and universal consent to be selected as PCs; having them in a party of Citadel-based races is unlikely, and kind of shatters immersion. You don’t see a ship with Vorcha commandos running around Citadel Space in-game for a reason, after all.

People hoping to play any of the “Special Consideration” races should present an interesting and provocative backstory on their character, a reasonable explanation on why they would want to work with the PCs, and some indication of what their future goals are and how exploring with the other PCs could achieve this.

My personal preference is that, if we have any of these races as PCs, that we only have one in a given squad of PCs partaking in a mission; if the players wind up having more than one PC, they should coordinate with the GM and their team before beginning a mission to ensure they’re not over-filling the “weird aliens” quota for their squad in that particular mission.

If the games of the Mass Effect series are used as a reference, there’s a larger than 4:1 ratio of council races to non-council races in the squads, and a bigger ratio of humans to individual non-human races on either of the Normandys… not that that should be our best example (human ship and extraordinary circumstances, after all). 

Elcor|Geth|Hanar|Prothean|Raloi|Unshackled AI|Volus|Vorcha

There are no stats for some of them in the Edge of the Empire hack we’ll be using; if you want to play a member of a race without stats, you must help build them.

Special Consideration Races

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