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“Master of the Wild”

Beyond civilization, in the farthest reaches of the gal­axy, there are places where few (if any) sentients have ever trodden the ground. Places like these are ideal hiding places for those fleeing the law or retribution for their actions. Places like these are where Bounty Hunters who specialize as Survivalists thrive. With his talent array, he can keep himself and his companions
alive. and he knows where and what to look for when
searching for just about anything or anyone. He’s also
gifted at hunting any kind of target.

Not everything that happens in the galaxy occurs
in cities or out in space. In fact, most of the habitable
places of the galaxy are rural or wilderness in nature.
A specialization in Survivalist ensures a character
has the necessary knowledge and training to make
his way in such environments. and help the far more
urban-minded folks he’s likely traveling with.

Despite their capacity to live off the land, Surviv­
alists enjoy credits and the things that can be pur­
chased with them just like anyone else. They will often
look to hire themselves out to customers who need
their expertise in seeking out (or hunting) something
beyond the duracrete and tapcafs.

Specialization Skills
Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Xenology), Resilience, Survival

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