Modular class abilities which PCs put skill points into to customize and power up additional abilities. The use of the Force is the inspiration.

Power Ideas
Operative: Active Camouflage the character’s training and connections have opened access for them to acquire a limited active camouflage field, allowing them to disappear from sight and inflict devastating damage on unaware foes. (grants scaling critical damage when attacking from stealth, allows power use from stealth to see same increase, reduces required Advantage to trigger critical from stealth, extends duration, reduces power cost, reduces cooldown)
Colonist: ?
Explorer: ?
Soldier: Devastator Mode the character’s training and connections have opened access for them to acquire a low-powered VI which is generally used to stabilize aim and increase efficiency in fighter craft, but which has had experimental release to some turian and alliance military units, allowing more damage, stability, and reduced cooldown on weapon fire, at the cost of reduced movement speed and inability to seek cover, essentially turning them into a turret. (grants increased damage, reduced Advantage cost to trigger criticals when shooting, ability to use devastator mode with other gun types, ability to move faster, reduced cooldown, increased fire modes with guns that don’t have them, ability to carry guns with strength requirements)
Nomad: ?
Engineer: ?

Carnage: tweaking your weapon’s mass accelerator very carefully has allowed you to fire a concussive burst (increase: knockdown, AoE, damage, distance)

Ways to Implement
All careers have their own special ability (eg Infiltrator gets Active Camouflage) for 0 xp, but can access any of the others if they have the appropriate stats at an increased xp cost to gain; like cross-specializing.


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