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Biotic Career

“Mind over Matter”

A Biotic is a living being who can manipulate dark energy fields through concentration due to Element Zero (“eezo”) mutations to their nervous system. Most biotics can do little more than the equivalent of minor telekinetic tricks without eezo core-boosted neuro-implants. Those who embrace their capabilities are trained by corporations or governments for a variety of tasks, from construction to warfare, based on the nature and extent of their ability to control the mass effect.

A character must have a Biotic Rating of at least 1 to take the Biotic Career.

If you take the Biotic Career at character creation, your Biotic Rating increases by 1 at no cost. In addition, you are assumed to have had a biotic implant installed during whatever training you received for your initial career, at no cost.

If you do not take the Biotic Career at character creation, you must pay to have a cybernetic biotic implant installed, for a cost of 5 Obligation or 15,000 credits (other qualities of implants exist which vary the cost). Asari and Drell do not need a biotic implant for biotics use, but do need one if they wish to use a biotic amp.

Career Skills Cool, Discipline, Knowledge: Education, Medicine, Perception, Ranged (Light), Resilience, Vigilance
Career Specializations Adept Vanguard

To use a Biotic Talent to attack, gather a dice pool made of your Willpower and your Biotic Rating, with a difficulty based on Range band, + difference in Silhouette, and any other modifiers as the GM defines.

Biotic Talents which control a target (Lift, Singularity, Stasis, Pull, and Slam, for example) cost 1 additional Strain per Armor Bonus to Soak and per Defense bonus from kinetic shields or barriers, and per Silhouette value. Thus, large, and/or well armored and/or shielded targets are very difficult to affect with these powers without draining an Adept’s energy reserves very quickly. Using abilities to reduce a target’s Defense and Armor Bonus to Soak beforehand can be invaluable. Targets who would cost more Strain than you can spend to affect remain unaffected.

* Base damage for Biotic Talents is Willpower + Biotic Rating.

* By default, Biotic Talents may only be used at Short or Engaged Ranges.

* Most Biotic Talents with a duration last rounds equal to Willpower.

* Most active Biotic Attack Powers cost 1 or more Strain to use.

* Unless otherwise stated, Biotic powers require 5 Advantage to trigger a Critical Injury.

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