“At the end of time, a moment will come when just one man remains. Then the moment will pass. Man will be gone. There will be nothing to show that we were ever hereā€¦ but stardust.”

- Sunshine (2007)

This is a group for a tabletop roleplaying game set in the Mass Effect universe, using a hack of the rules presented by Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG, specifically those printed in the Edge of the Empire book (many wonderful internet persons created the parts of these hacks, and I shall be posting my thank-you to them when I’ve got everything squirreled away here in this wiki).

Not only is this ^ happening, but the original system for weapons and such things in the hack I’m pulling from was a little light on choice; players could only buy generic and flavourless “light pistols” or whatever. Instead of that, I’ve ported over the unique and flavourful weapons from Mass Effect 3: individual and unique weapons like the M-12 Locust have made the jump, and I’m currently trying to figure whether to use Mass Effect 1’s armor, or use Mass Effect 3’s custom armor pieces system, which granted varied bonuses to wearers. Probably a combo of the two will emerge! Look forward to it!

While the player characters may become important on some level, it will likely not be on the scale which Shepard was. They may all be appointed by the Citadel Council as Spectres (or only some may, or none), they may deal with the bigger picture (or may fight mercs and solve minor issues), and may visit exotic locales (or stay in Citadel Space). The choice is up to each GM, and the players. The scope of their missions is determined by the desires of the group and each individual GM; no single person has any more say than any others (unless, in-character, the case is different). Ideas and changes are determined by vote (majority rules).

While it looks like I must GM for a bit, the group is intended to be GM’d by more than me, as the plot during that point is fairly open-ended. The “Each GM” idea is really the all-encompassing concept; the group is intended to be in the “RoundTable-style”, which means that there will be a rotating GM chair, allowing all to play, and all to run a mod. Eventually. Whenever the players feel they would like to run a game, the chair is open.

This game features:

… The main thing is that we have fun rolling dice!

Mass Effect: Stardust

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