Melee Weapons (Melee or Brawl skill)
Light Weapons (Ranged: Light skill)
Heavy Weapons (Ranged: Heavy skill)
Heavy Specialty Weapons (Gunnery skill)
Weapon Mods
Omni-Tool Weapons

Important Note: Unlike in Mass Effect 2, weapons are still heat-based, in a manner of speaking: they require cooldown after being fired, but can have their thermal cell ejected (as in Mass Effect 2/3) to immediately cool down to 0 heat. They will otherwise naturally cool down if left for a period determined by a variety of factors (base weapon specs, mods, ambient heat, etc), even if at “max” heat; the thermal cell behaves as a solution for mitigating overheating while still engaged in combat. This bridges the gap between the systems, and is as was originally intended before executive meddling in the games made thermal cells behave like ammo clips on conventional weapons (by locking out over-heated weapons until ejected).

Weapons generate the most heat if fired for the entire round. (more detail on heat accumulation/dissipation needed)

Some weapon mods also increase or decrease the rate at which heat is accumulated.


“Haven’t seen a weapon like that in ages. I was working with the Grim Angels, a small outfit that saw action in the Verge. Came up against some krogan, all armed to the teeth. Well, all except the battlemaster — he came at us with one of those little peashooters. Killed half my squad. Damn good weapon.” – Zaeed Massani, mercenary

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