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“High-Risk, High-Reward”

The Biotic Career has two Specializations, the Adept and Vanguard. Vanguards are named well, as many battles open with them advancing relentlessly upon their foes, their potent and destructive Biotic Powers crushing all resistance in their path. The Vanguard’s biotic powers focus on combat potential – disabling the enemy, making their armor ineffective, and shielding themselves from harm so that they can get close enough to go to work. The Vanguard Specialization is Universal and can be taken at normal cost by any career so long as the character has a Biotic Rating of at least 1.

The Vanguard Specialization does NOT provide the character with the biotic implant required for most species to adequately use biotic powers. If you did not take the Biotic Career at character creation, you must pay to have a cybernetic biotic implant installed, as mentioned above.

To use a Biotic Talent to attack, gather a dice pool made of your Willpower and your Biotic Rating, with a difficulty based on Range band, + difference in Silhouette, and any other modifiers as the GM defines.

Biotic Talents which control a target (Lift, Singularity, Stasis, Pull, and Slam, for example) cost 1 additional Strain per Armor Bonus to Soak and per Defense bonus from kinetic shields or barriers, and per Silhouette value. Thus, large, and/or well armored and/or shielded targets are very difficult to affect with these powers without draining an Adept’s energy reserves very quickly. Using abilities to reduce a target’s Defense and Armor Bonus to Soak beforehand can be invaluable. Targets who would cost more Strain than you can spend to affect remain unaffected.

  • Base damage for Biotic Talents is Willpower + Biotic Rating.
  • By default, Biotic Talents may only be used at Short or Engaged Ranges.
  • Most Biotic Talents with a duration last rounds equal to Willpower.
  • Most active Biotic Attack Powers cost 1 or more Strain to use.
  • Unless otherwise stated, Biotic powers require 5 Advantage to trigger a Critical Injury.
Specialization Skills
Brawl, Melee, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience
Barrier A Vanguard may generate a kinetic shield around themselves without the need for eezo-powered armor. Barrier is the simplest and most instinctual of Biotic Talents and can be maintained with minimal effort. So long as a Vanguard is conscious, they gain +1 Defense for every rank of Barrier they possess. So long as a Vanguard gains at least + 1 Defense from Barrier, they also gain + 1 Soak value. Should attacks cause Defense from Barrier to fail, a Vanguard may renew it on their turn at the cost of 2 Strain per rank of Barrier they seek to restore.

If a Vanguard with Barrier is wearing armor with built-in kinetic shielding, take the higher value of the two Defenses, and increase the character’s Soak by + 1. Never add armor-provided Defense from kinetic shields directly to Barrier Value.
Biotic Blast For 1 Strain, you may apply the Blast quality to Lift, Throw, Pull, and Slam. Blast damage for Biotic Talents is equal to Willpower + Biotic Rating. For 2 Strain you may improve the Blast damage rating of Charge, Singularity, and Shockwave, adding Cunning to the base Blast damage.
Biotic Range For 1 Strain or a Maneuver, the Adept can increase the Range from which they may use their next Biotic Power by 1 Range band, to a maximum of Long Range.
Charge For 2 Strain, the Vanguard creates a mass-reducing field around themselves, allowing them to charge at incredible speed in a straight line toward a target or destination. When activating a Biotic Charge as your Action, you gain a free Maneuver which can only be used to cover distance to your target location. You may include your normal Maneuver to extend the Range of the Charge if you choose. A Vanguard using Biotic Charge ignores Difficult Terrain or gaps in terrain that could be covered by a single Maneuver.

While triggering Charge is an Action, if the Vanguard succeeds in reaching Engaged Range with a target or targets, they may make a Biotic Talent check against the target. They may spend 2 Advantage to grant the Charge attack the Blast Quality. A Triumph may be spent to knock down any affected targets.

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