“It’s something we turians are taught from birth: if even one soldier is still left standing at the end of a war, then the fight was worth it.”


Basic Characteristics

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Biotics
2 2 2 2 2 2 0
Wound Threshold Strain Threshold
10 + Brawn 12 + Willpower

Starting Skill: 1 Rank in choice of Discipline, Gunnery, Leadership, Ranged Light, or Ranged Heavy
Starting Talent: 1 of Bodyguard, or Brace, or Command, or Uncanny Reactions
Starting XP Budget: 90 XP

Natural Weapons:
When a Turian makes a Brawl check to deal damage to an opponent (when using his natural claws), he deals +1 damage and has a critical rating of 3.

Reflective Carapace:
Turians evolved with a hardened carapace to protect them from predators, and the higher than normal radiation of their homeworld. While not hard enough to stop modern projectiles, it does grant Turians +1 melee defense, as well as 2 Boost dice on any Resilience checks against the effects of Radiation.


Further information (basic general information about turians is considered known by non-turian PCs, but other information (details about the Armiger Legion or the Hierarchy, etc) will require a Space: Citadel knowledge check)

“Now, believe it or not, this damn gun still needs calibrating.” – Garrus Vakarian


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