“Home is a state of mind.” – Tali’Zorah nar Rayya

“After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, I will return to where I began.”
- Traditionally spoken by young quarians upon return to the Migrant Fleet from Pilgrimage

Basic Characteristics

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Biotics
2 2 3 2 2 1 0
Wound Threshold Strain Threshold
11 + Brawn 10 + Willpower

Starting Skill: 1 Rank in choice of Computers, Mechanics, or Negotiation
Starting Talent: 1 of Gearhead, or Jury Rigged, or Scavenger, or Tinkerer
Starting XP Budget: 100 XP

Weak Immune System:
Due to the nature of their native world and the current conditions of the Migrant Fleet, quarians possess very limited immune systems. Quarians must therefore live the majority of their lives in highly redundant enviro-suits to avoid life-threatening infections and allergic reactions.

A quarian who has suffered wounds equal to half their Wound Threshold must make a Resilience skill check or suffer an infection (similar to the effects of toxins, drugs, or critical injuries), due to exposure before their suit’s self-sealing mechanisms have engaged. Difficulty is defined by the cleanliness of the environment.

A quarian without their enviro-suit suffers 2 Setback dice to all Resilience skill checks to resist infection, disease, or extreme allergic reaction. They must also make a Resilience skill check every 4 hours to avoid such, unless in a controlled, clean room-class environment.

Like the volus, all quarian suits come with emergency liquid rations, waste processing, and drug administration locks so that survival and emergency medical treatment can occur outside of controlled medical chambers.

All quarian characters start play with a Light Exo Suit for free, with a Environmental Survival Suite (without the Thermal, Heating, or NBC shielding options).

Make It Work:
The quarians are master of jury rigging, scavenging and improvisation when it comes to things digital or mechanical. Once a session, a quarian may add two Boost dice to any one roll involving computers or mechanics.


A female quarian (Tali’Zorah nar Rayya) out of her mask.

Driven from their home system by the geth nearly three centuries ago, most quarians now live aboard the Migrant Fleet, a flotilla of fifty thousand vessels ranging in size from passenger shuttles to mobile space stations.

Home to 17 million quarians, the flotilla understandably has scarce resources. Because of this, each quarian must go on a rite of passage known as the Pilgrimage when they come of age. They leave the fleet and only return once they have found something of value they can bring back to their people.

Other species tend to look down on the quarians for creating the geth and for the negative impact their fleet has when it enters a system. This has led to many myths and rumors about the quarians, including the belief that underneath their clothes and breathing masks, they are actually cybernetic creatures: a combination of organic and synthetic parts.

Further information (basic general information about quarians is considered known by non-quarian PCs, but other information (the Pilgrimage, their culture, natural appearance, homeworld, history, etc) will require a Space: Terminus Knowledge skill check)


A rare example of the beautiful and elegant fashions explored by
pre-exile female quarians, circa early 1800s CE (pre-closure of their embassy on the Citadel).

Player Resources

Naming a quarian:

Quarian names follow a standard basic pattern:

[personal name]’[family name] nar [ship they were born on] vas [ship they joined post-Pilgrimage]

Category Examples Explanation
Male Names Han, Kal, Rael, Kenn, Veetor, Hilo, Golo, Prazza, Lemm, Zaal, Seeto, Ysin, Keenah Often monosyllabic, and likely to end in L or N. They may also be disyllabic, in which case a vowel ending of O is quite common.
Female Names Tali, Daro, Shala, Feda, Elan, Lia Always two syllables. Always ends in a vowel. The vowel doesn’t have to be an A. Frequently have L or R as the middle consonant, in an intervowel position. There’s a fairly wide array of initial consonants.
Family Names Xen, Zorah, Gerrel, Gazu, Jaa, Reegar, Danna, Shal, Vael, Mal, Hodda, Shiya, Koris, Nara, Raan, Breizh Quarian family names tend to be short, just one or two syllables. A vowel ending is common; if the name ends in a consonant, it’s likely to be a “soft” consonant (N, L, R, or S) rather than something harder like K or T or G.
Ship Names Rayya, Neema, Idenna, Tonbay, Tesleya, Moreh, Ulnay, Qwib Qwib, Honorata These don’t necessarily have to have been invented in the same way: there are a lot of ships in the Migrant Fleet, with a lot of different names; some could even be decommissioned ships acquired from other species, but in creating a new quarian character, you can certainly use one of the established ships if so desired. You might want to check the official wiki, it contains details for some of the example ships.

General Notes

  • Quarian names are often spelled with a double letter, either in the vowel or the consonant, which makes them look distinctive.
  • There are lots of N, L, and R sounds. S is a bit less common.
  • Stops/plosives (consonants like D, T, K, and G) only appear in word-initial position (only as the first letter of a name).
  • P and B don’t appear at all due to the shape of the quarian lip making them a bit unnatural to verbally lean on.
    • These sounds are very rare or nonexistent in the quarian language (they do appear in ship names, but not all ships are named in the quarian language).


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