“The measure of an individual can be difficult to discern by actions alone.” – Thane Krios, drell assassin

Basic Characteristics

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Biotics
* 2 or 3 * 2 or 3 2 2 1 2 0

* Choose one of Brawn or Agility to start at 3. The other starts at 2.

Wound Threshold Strain Threshold
11 + Brawn 10 + Willpower

Starting Skill: 1 Rank in choice of Athletics, Survival, or Vigiliance
Starting Talent: 1 of Researcher, or Sixth Sense, or Superior Reflexes
Starting XP Budget: 100 XP

Biotic Control:
While few Drell are biotically talented, those that are may use biotics without the need for an implant. They do not begin play with a biotic rating unless purchased. Drell still need an implant if they wish to use biotic amps.

Eidetic Memory:
Drell possess an eidetic memory that they developed as an evolutionary measure. This is much stronger than the photographic memories possessed by some other races. A Drell’s memories can be triggered by external stimuli and can be so vivid and detailed that the Drell may actually mistake them for reality. Drell may gain a single die upgrade on any checks to recall facts or memories.

Arid Adaptation:
When making skill checks, Drell may remove one Setback Die imposed due to arid or hot environmental conditions. Drell suffer an additional setback die due to wet or humid environmental conditions.

The strong, sensitive, murdering type.

Omnivorous reptilians, drell possess an average life span of 85 galactic standard years. Although similar in many ways to humans or asari, drell have slightly denser muscle tissue, giving them a surprising wiry strength for their size. Sexual dimorphism among drell appears to be roughly analogous to that of humans; females have breastlike protrusions, and their head “frills” are more pronounced than those of males.

Two centuries ago, the hanar helped 375,000 members of the drell race migrate to the hanar homeworld, Kahje, to escape the environmental extermination that claimed the remaining 11 billion drell; only pockets of survivors remain, struggling to survive. Having evolved on an arid planet, drell face serious illness on the hanar homeworld, especially Kepral’s Syndrome, a fatal bacterial lung disease similar to the human illness cystic fibrosis.

Nearly all drell demonstrate tremendous loyalty to their famously reclusive saviors. The intimacy of their relationship, expressed in a formal sociopolitical alliance called the Compact, also results in extremely close personal relations in which some drell actually learn hanar Soul names. While most drell reside on Kahje, some assist hanar off-world as envoys, researchers, co-investors, wayfarers, assassins or otherwise, eager to help their saviors. For a century, galactic wisdom has held that behind any high-ranking hanar hides a resourceful and fanatically devoted drell.

Further information (basic general information about drell is considered known by non-drell PCs, but other information (location of their homeworld Rakhana, details about the Compact, religion, etc) will require a Space: Verge Knowledge check)


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