“Humans are a blight on galactic purity. You sir! You are a blight! And you! And you, human.” – Mad Batarian Prophet on Omega


Basic Characteristics

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Biotics
2 2 2 3 2 1 0
Wound Threshold Strain Threshold
11 + Brawn 11 + Willpower

Starting Skill: 1 Rank in choice of Perception, Coercion, or Underworld
Starting Talent: 1 of Wheel and Deal, or Convincing Demeanor, or Inspiring Rhetoric
Starting XP Budget: 100 XP

Four Eyed:
Batarians are one of the few contemporary sapients with quadrocular vision. Any effect which specifically increases difficulty or imposes setback dice due to blinding a batarian, or limiting perception due to concealment, is reduced by 1 die. This does not affect default difficulties of a skill check.

A race of four-eyed bipeds native to the world of Khar’shan, the batarians are a disreputable species that chose to isolate itself from the rest of the galaxy. The Terminus Systems are infested with batarian pirate gangs and slaving rings, fueling the stereotype of the batarian thug. It should be noted that these criminals do not represent average citizens, who are forbidden to leave batarian space by their ubiquitous and paranoid government: an analogue to the situation of Khar’shan-based batarians is that of the humans’ nation of North Korea on Earth, circa 2014 CE.

Despite several disagreements with the Citadel and simmering hostility toward human, most batarians prefer profitable pursuits such as drug running and slave grabs to out-and-out warfare. They have a reputation for being shrewd businessmen and merchants, though in more lawless regions of the galaxy like Omega, negotiations with a batarian are likely to be conducted at gunpoint.


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