Field Hardsuits are combat armor suites, designed to provide a specific set of defenses and accommodations to the wearer in a complete package. There are hardsuits available to accommodate a spectrum of body types, but for humanoids in particular they present the “most likely” option.

Hardsuits generally have the larger pool of hardpoints available when compared to Piecemeal Armor options, as they don’t allow for larger-scale modifications to their form but instead allow for more fine-tuning. Hardsuits are also more likely to wind up costing less than comparable Piecemeal Armor suits, and generally have a higher quality and larger top-end market available.

  • “Humanoid” armor is designed to fit asari, batarian, human, and drell individuals.
  • Field Hardsuits present a unified total for hardpoint attachments, as opposed to Piecemeal Armor options (which constrain their hardpoint totals to the individual piece they occupy); users who wish to install some of the more complicated attachments are most likely going to require a Field Hardsuit to accommodate the hardpoint requirements.
Field Hardsuits
Light Armor Model Manufacturer Racial Restriction Defense Soak Price Encumbrance Hard Points Rarity Special
Agent Aldrin Labs Turian
Hydra Aldrin Labs Humanoid, Quarian 0 1 150 1 0 0
Onyx Aldrin Labs Humanoid, Quarian, Turian 0 1 500 2 1 1
Mercenary Ariake Technologies Humanoid, Turian
Predator L Armax Arsenal Humanoid, Turian
Freedom Cerberus Skunkworks Humanoid, Turian 0 2 750 2 0 1
Explorer Devlon Industries Humanoid, Quarian, Turian
Duelist Elanus Risk Control Services Humanoid, Turian 1 1 1,500 3 1 6
Mantis Hahne-Kedar Humanoid, Turian
Spectre Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works Humanoid, Quarian, Turian
Janissary Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works Humanoid, Turian
Crisis Jormangund Technology Humanoid, Turian
Colossus Kassa Fabrication Humanoid, Quarian, Turian
Medium Armor
Heavy Armor
Spectre 0 2 2,500 4 3 5
Ursa 1 2 5,000 5 3 7
Battlemaster 1 2 6,750 4 4 7
Colossus 1 3 9,000 6 3 9 +1 Skill (Athletics), +1 Characteristic (Brawn)

Piecemeal Armor suits can grant minor inherent bonuses with individual parts, allowing a wearer to tailor their combat hardsuit to their personal preferences without needing to purchase and install hardpoint attachments. Piecemeal Armor thus generally carries a higher final price than comparative Field Hardsuits, and usually has less hardpoints, but the modular nature of their construction allows for more personal choice, and opens up larger options to races prohibited from wearing some types of Field Hardsuits.

  • In order to calculate final values for Defense, Soak, and Encumbrance on a Piecemeal Armor suit, round fractions down for Defense and Soak, and round fractions up for Encumbrance. The subtotal number, before rounding, should include fractions from any hardpoint attachments added.
    • Hardpoints on Piecemeal Armor are not calculated as an armored-suit total (like with Field Hardsuits), but on an individual-piece basis. This means that an “Arm”-slot piece with 1 hardpoint and a “Head”-slot piece with 1 hardpoint are not treated as 2 hardpoints, and thus cannot together accommodate hardpoint attachments which require 2 hardpoints; they can only each bear attachments which require 1 hardpoint.
  • Piecemeal Armor is not vacuum-safe unless it includes at least one component mentioned in each “piece” section of the Piecemeal Armor table below.
    • Unarmored or civilian equipment which serves the same purpose (such as generic civilian vacuum-sealed breathers in place of “Head”-slot armor) may be substituted for any armor slot noted.
Piecemeal Armor
Piece Model Manufacturer Price Rarity
Head Archon
Death Mask Tyriel Advanced Communications Corporation
Delumcore Delumcore Systems
Chest Aegis Kassa Fabrication
Capacitor Armax Arsenal
Capacitor Armax Arsenal
Kestrel Rosenkov Materials
Shoulders Amplifier Elanus Risk Control Services
Asymmetric Rosenkov Materials
Boost Sirta Foundation
Kestrel Rosenkov Materials
Arms Damping Armax Arsenal
Kestrel Rosenkov Materials
Stabilization Aldrin Labs 1
Legs Stimulator

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