Villerceo Medeiros

Amorous Male Turian Medic


- deeply resents any time he is forced to remain aboard the ship while in port; “shore leave is one of this life’s greatest blessings: one need not remain after having their fun”
- tends to not be as up-to-date on non-dextro physiology as he should be as a ship’s doctor
- generally a pretty nice dude, but definitely seems to prefer the company of turians and other dextros in general; is pretty chummy with males and flirts with females
- mother is of 19th Citizenship Tier, a Major with the 26th Armiger Legion
- father is of 12th Citizenship Tier, a “civilian” (he’s kind of not suited to military life, like his son)


- 29 years old; born August 20th [Earth local date], 2155 CE
- from Spaedar, a major city of the turian colony world Taetrus in the Mactare system (which, while not listed in a known cluster on the Galaxy Map, is connected by a secondary relay to Apien Crest’s primary relay)
- 6th Citizenship Tier; was demoted from 7th Tier for leaving the military at 22 years old (8 years ahead of the norm) and for becoming somewhat oppositional toward authority at that time (it was an encounter with a civilian of higher Citizenship Tier than him though, leaving the complaint kind of questionably justified)
^ was a medic
^ seems to resist command structures for some reason, but it is fairly ingrained in his personality nonetheless and his training comes out in crises; despite likely seeming fairly military to a human, is considered fairly unprofessional and disobedient to a turian

Villerceo Medeiros

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